West Java Specialties Recipes, Delicious and Can Be Tried at Home

Many people like west Java specialties so the presence of west Java specialties recipes is highly sought after. Of course, each region has a distinctive and unique taste. When you eat it, you will recognize that the taste comes from a certain area.


West Java is known as one of the culinary cities. This is why every year many visit the area just to taste directly the typical food menu of the area. The combination of spices and main ingredients makes anyone who eats it will not regret having tried it.


Flavors that are familiar with sour and spicy are often found in sundanese specialties. Both of these flavors that make anyone will miss the type of food served. But you don’t need to worry when you want to eat west Java specialties because you can try west Java specialties at home.


The materials used are also simple and can be found in your area. Although eating directly from the expert does give its own taste but if you do not have the budget and time then it is legal to try it at home. Serving sundanese specialties at home will treat a protracted taste of wanting.


Recipes with The Main Ingredients of Sundanese Meat

The first west Java recipe you can try at home is to utilize the main ingredients of meat. The meat used is beef. One of the typical Sundanese foods by utilizing the main ingredients of meat is ‘Empal Gepuk’. Gepuk has the same meaning as ‘hit’.


The point of hit here is when the meat has been boiled until half cooked then then it is hit until it is quite tender. The necessary ingredients are 1 kg of meat (beef), 500 ml of cooked coconut milk, salt to taste, water to boil meat, and cooking oil to taste.


The fine seasoning that you must prepare is 12 bamer pieces, 10 cloves of baput, 3 segments of shredded galangal, 2 lemongrass sticks, 9 pecans, 5 bay leaves, 2 tbsp tamarind water, 70 grams of granulated sugar, 50 grams of brown sugar, salt to taste, instant broth, and 60 grams of dried coconut. If you can, there is no one fine seasoning ingredient that is missed.


The typical food recipe of west Java region is Empal Gepuk how to make it very simple. First the water is brought to a boil and the meat is inserted, boiled until tender. After that the meat is lifted and cut according to the fiber and beaten to taste. Cooking oil is heated and fine seasoning is sautéed until fragrant.


Then the cut meat is included. 3 Minutes later the cooked coconut milk is mixed and wait for all the seasoning to infuse. Once infused, remove and set aside. Then it’s time to fry the seasoning to dry. When you’re done, serve Empal Gepuk with the coconut powder that has been prepared before.


Recipes with The Main Ingredients of Sundanese Fish

The next west Java specialties that you can try to make at home is Tauco bawal fish. Sundanese tauco gives a strong taste so that anyone who eats it will like and increase appetite. This type of cuisine is also very easy to make at home.


The ingredients that must be prepared are medium-sized bawal fish (3 heads), lime (2 pieces), cooking oil and salt to taste, 5 bamer and baput, sweet soy sauce, 1 small bottle of tauco, cayenne pepper according to taste, flavoring and granulated sugar to taste. Do not forget to prepare 250 ml of clean water to mix when cooking.


First clean the fish from its scales, after which cut the thin slice of fish on the top but do not go too deep. Next give a squeeze of lime and salt. Press press the fish and let stand for approximately 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, rinse with clean water.


Continue by heating the oil for frying. The fish is fried until browned. While waiting for the fish to cook, prepare seasonings such as bamer, baput, and cayenne pepper. After the fish is cooked, set aside. Then add enough oil and sauté the seasoning until cooked and finally put four tbsp of tauco.


Correction of the taste after all the seasoning is inserted. If everything is right on the tongue, then the last step is to put the fish back in the pan. Wait for the seasoning to infuse the oak in the fish. West Java sundanese recipes that are easy to make at home will treat the feeling of longing because they cannot enjoy culinary directly.

Recipes with The Main Ingredients of Sundanese Vegetables

After utilizing the main ingredients of meat and fish, if you want to try making sundanese specialties made from the main ingredients of vegetable vegetables then the most recommended is lotek. Lotek is one of the typical Sundanese foods that have been popular almost all among the people of Indonesia.


This is because this food can almost be found even when you are not in West Java. Now you can also try to make your own at home because the typical west Java food recipe in Sundanese language is lotek only uses simple spices and ingredients so it is easy to find.


The necessary ingredients are  medium-sized carrots (1 piece), spinach vegetables to taste, cabbage 3 thinly sliced sheets, tomatoes (1 piece) thinly sliced, sprouts 1 handful, tofu 3 pieces, cayenne pepper to taste, peanuts 1 handful, kencur 1 cm, orange leaves 1 sheet, 1 tsp terasi, salt, tamarind, and water to taste.

The first step you should do in trying traditional food recipes typical of West Java lotek is to boil all vegetables except cabbage. After that it was twisted. Next sangria peanuts until cooked. Puree the seasoning and add peanuts as well as the acid in response. If it is smooth then add brown sugar to taste.


Make sure that the seasoning that has been made is not too diluted. This will have to do with the enjoyment of taste when tasting it. Once the seasoning is finished then add the vegetables and stir thoroughly. If necessary, lotek can be served with the addition of the presence of crackers as well as ketupat. This method is very easy to do at home.

Sundanese Snacks or Snack Recipes

One of the typical Sundanese snacks that you can try to make at home is Seblak. This snack is already very famous among the people of Indonesia. The distinctive taste makes anyone who is tasting it know that the food is Seblak. Making a seblak at home is an easy thing to do.


As for the ingredients that need to be prepared in trying the recipe of sunda west Java hits, namely this seblak is 150 gr of crackers (may be shrimp or fish). Oil 2 2 tbsp, baput and bamer to taste, 1 egg, curly chili and cayenne according to taste. Kencur half a segment, leeks as good as possible.


Then prepare half a tbsp broth powder, sweet soy sauce 3 tbsp, pepper powder half tsp, water and salt to taste. The first is that you have to boil the crackers until they expand and not hard anymore. Then drained. The seasoning is mashed and sautéed in 2 tbsp of oil. Put the eggs and scrambled scrambles in the pan.


After that add the soy sauce and stir until evenly distributed. Pepper powder, broth and salt are added. Next add water according to taste (the level of dilution can be adjusted). Correct the taste whether it is appropriate, then you can add toppings such as sausages or meatballs. Seblak is recommended to be eaten while warm.


Cooking is a fun thing because it can adjust the desired portions and taste according to taste. The materials needed are also not difficult to find. Actually, there are still many recipes for west Java specialties and pictures that you can find on the Internet in full.